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Fujitsu Active Stylus

The fujitsu lifebook tablet stylus digitizer pen is a great device to have if you're in the market for an active stylus. This pen has a great feature is it can be used as a digitizer for your computer. This makes it great for creating documents and photos. The fujitsu lifebook tablet stylusdigitizer also has a great feature of being able to be used as a pen for drawing.

Deals for Fujitsu Active Stylus

The fujitsu active stylus is a unique pen that uses fujitsu's new cp389602-04 stylus pen technology. This pen has the ability to read text and numbers on your lifebook t901 or t902 over an network. The pen can also be used to write in a text editor such as opening files or writing a memoir. The pen can be used with the lifebook t035 or t940 hummingbird screen reader that is included in the lifebook t901 or t902.
the fujitsu active stylus is a great replacement for the lifebook c249614-01. It has the same dimensions and has the same tips. It is also made from fujitsu quality materials. It is compatible with the lifebook t901 t902 t904 t935 q665 q775. The fujitsu active stylus has a red light indicator and a three line keypad. The fujitsu cp389602-04 has a 3. 5" width and the fujitsu cp389603-04 has a 2. 5" width.